- About Metal Flame Music -

My name is Ris Janssen and I am a heavy metal music composer from The Netherlands.
I started playing guitar (and taking lessons) when I was fifteen, but after a couple of years I came to the conclusion that playing an instrument was not the thing I enjoyed most; writing songs was! Because of that, I decided to focus all my attention on songwriting.
After writing a whole lot of metal songs (and learning about songwriting) for nearly seven years as a hobby, I set a new goal for myself: to take it to the next level and present my music to both metal bands and metal fans all over the world!

I write my music not for a specific audience, just what I would listen to as a metal music fan myself. The songs I write range from fast and aggressive thrash riffs to the dramatic and powerful harmonies of power metal, and from classic heavy metal to the brutal insanity of death metal.

When I start writing a song, I focus solely on the instrumental part, not on the lyrics. This, because I feel that most lyrics are very personal and should be written by the band/vocalist performing the song. I have, however, written vocal melodies for certain songs. If you hear a song you would like to record with your band, and want me to help you write vocal melodies to it, feel free to contact me.

Next to writing music for bands to record and play live, I also write instrumental songs which will eventually be bundled into EPs or even full albums.
All of my music is initially written using computer programs that generate sheet music, tablature and a .midi file, which is then processed in a digital audio workstation (DAW) with several VST and VSTi plugins.

Currently a bunch of my songs are available on certain streaming services and e-stores like Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.

Metal Flame Music